bull elk
Happy 2014 hunter Ron Boise with a big Bull

Join us for a hunt you will remember for a lifetime!

We are happy to boast one of the highest success rates of any public land outfitter in the state. Our hunting units are exceptional and have a lot of animals. Our experienced guides know the hunting areas very well and they know the animals that live there. If you want a real Colorado hunt, you've come to the right place.

Our camps come with spacious heated tents and a camp cook to serve meals. Packing camp in and out is done on horseback. It's a perfect blend of backwoods expedition and comfort.

Book today before the spots fill up! You'll be glad you did.

*If you have both a deer and elk tag, you can hunt both on the same trip at no additional cost

Rifle Hunts

First Season (Elk Only)
Oct 10 - 14
5 spots left
Second Season 1
Oct 17 - 21
Full 0 spots left
Second Season 2
Oct 22 - 25
2 spots left
Third Season 1
Oct 31 - Nov 4
Full 0 spots left
Third Season 2
Nov 5 - 8
Full 0 spots left
Fourth Season (Bull)
Nov 11 - 15
5 spots left
Fourth Season (Cow)
Nov 11 - 15
4 spots left

Archery and Muzzle-loader

Archery 1 - 5
Aug 29 - Sept 27
2 spots left
Muzzle-loader 1, 2
Sept 12 - 20th
3 spots left

License Fees

Bull Elk$46.00$616.00
Cow Elk$46.00$461.00

License Application Deadline: April 7, 2015

Go to Colorado Parks & Wildlife for more info and to apply online

Ask about what units we hunt if interested.

* Habitat Stamp - anyone 18 to 64 must buy a habitat stamp in order to buy or apply for a hunting or fishing license. $10.00 Resident and Non-Resident.

More Info

All Hunts 7 days
5 days hunting
1 day each pack in/out

Hunts by draw only:

  • Cow elk
  • Mule Deer
  • Archery Bull Elk
  • Muzzle-loader Bull Elk
  • 1st & 4th Rifle Bull Elk

Over the Counter:

  • 2nd Rifle Bull
  • 3rd Rifle Bull

1 Guide for every 2 hunters

Antler restrictions:
Bucks - none
Bull Elk - 4 points or better or 5in brow tine

What to bring checklist.